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How Can I Help?

There are so many ways you can help the needy. We are glad that you are here with your full heart to help your fellow brothers and sisters.
We know that many people like you are very busy with your personal work and family activities but still wanted to help others but not finding enough time. Don't worry, we are here to get support from you to help others. We will ensure that your money is spend wisely and effectively.

Please write a cheque in favor of

C/O Velayudam Shanmugam
8130, Lockslay Way
GA - 30024

We kindly request you to provide your name, email id and contact address with phone numbers for further correspondence.
If you have any questions, please click CONTACT page to reach us.

Be a Mentor:
We need mentor to encourage students to stduy well and follow up with their education regularly. You can guide them for their examination, career development and regularly monitor and report the status to executive team. Be a role model to others.

Be a Volunteer:
If you can spend some time during the day and/or weekend, you are welcome to volunteer your time with our team members and help us grow. We have so many tasks such as "School Visit, Students selection, Record keeping, Fund Raising and so on", so we need your helping hand. Please join us by sending email to SelfEducate at GMail.com or click contact page to reach us.

Support a Student:
You are welcome to find a student/needy on your own and help him/her through SELF orgn or identify a student from the "Student Buckets" and help him/her. We would gladly assist the student/needy on your behalf.

Support a Project:
You are welcome to bring us the project that matches our goals and implement through SELF orgn or identify a project from "Project Buckets" and help us implement on your behalf.

Support a Coaching Centre:
We send students to private tution centre to improve their academic skills but if we get more students from one area, then we would like to start our own coaching centre, appoint the well qualified teacher to teach our students. This project costs more money so we need sponsor to start such centre's.

Support a Communication Centre:
There are so many students who excel in academic but lack in communication skills resulting in not getting the good/right job and not able to climb up the organizational heirarchy. So we would like to provide them good spoken english / public speaking classes, leadership and business development skills and so on. Do you feel its worth taking this effort?

Support a Computer Training Centre:
Though we are in the hi-tech era, computers are still far reachable for many poor students. It still a imaginary box for many.
So we would like to teach basic computer skills and hardware for them. If you can donate your old computer or a monitor or any device which we can use, that would be really helpful. or you want to send a student for computer training, any help you can provide is great.

Support a Village:
There are so many villages where the basic necessities such as water, latrine, electricity are still day to day problems.
The best we can do is build a latrine, build a water tank, pumb borewell, hand pumb and so on.
Do you want to help us build a community centre?
Do you want to help us build a night school facility or a library?
We are more than happy to support if you can help us financially or guidance or manual help.

Finally we want to say thank you for reading all the the way down. If you still deciding what projects to support?
Don't worry, just contact us via email or phone, we will match your good heart with the best projects that we have.

If you have any questions, Please contact us at SELF at StudentEducation.org or SelfEducate @ gmail.com

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