SELF - Main Help How do I join the Team?

Join Yourself:

Join the team by sending email to SelfEducate@gmail.com

Tell us what we we can do better.

Bring innovative ideas and take responsibility.

Join and be a role model to others!

Refer your friend:

Are you impressed with our projects and your work.

Don't you think that your friend can also join us?

Do you know any poor student who is in need of help for his/her education?

The best help that you can do is refer your friend to us.

Motivate them to join and help others.

Talk to your family and friends:

We all make fun of other and talk about jokes.

Do you think you can also talk to them about our projects and impress them?

You will never know that your friend and family are in need of help or interested in helping others?

Why not just give a try and see what happens?


If you have any questions, Please contact us at SELF at StudentEducation.org or SelfEducate @ gmail.com

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